QDO to roll our Go Local campaign

By Dairy News

THE QUEENSLAND Dairyfarmers Organisation will launch its Go Local campaign by the end of June.

The Queensland Government launched the ‘Go Local, Grow Local’ campaign last year. It aims to help Queensland businesses promote their products and services, and encourage Queenslanders to shop locally.

The QDO is the first primary producer organisation to engage with the Government’s Office of Small Business to role out an industry specific campaign.

QDO Executive Director and Marketing Manager, Sarah Ferguson, met with staff at the Queensland Government Office of Small Business last month to discuss the roll-out of the Go Local campaign.

“The current campaign has been designed as an awareness campaign; but there is a need to do more to change people’s behaviour when selecting from supermarket shelves,” she said.

“We need to create an emotional connection to our industry and the people who are a part of it, to get consumers to stop and think about their purchase decisions.

“While the campaign will contain elements of the current Go Local awareness campaign, the creative execution will be unique to our industry.”

Sarah will assist farmers to promote the campaign in social media and other marketing channels to drive change.

She said recent surveys indicate a growing shift toward global brands across many categories. However, the only categories which saw strong preference toward local brands were dairy and fresh foods.

“Consumers around the world prefer to source perishable goods as close to the place of origin as possible, due to concerns over freshness and quality.

“The providence of locally-sourced foods becomes one of the key deciding factors in fresh food purchase.

“According to leading research institute Canstar, 10 per cent more Australians feel that purchasing locally-sourced food is important to them compared to five years ago — a promising trend that will continue to grow into the future.”