Calendar pin-ups reveal mental health stories

By Dairy News

TWELVE GIPPSLAND dairy farmers have stepped outside their comfort zones to share their personal mental health story. The farmers feature in a calendar launched at Farm World last month, which organiser Sallie Jones hopes will serve as a starting point towards breaking down the stigma attached to mental health in rural communities.

“Our wish is that this calendar prompts honest and real conversations about a health issue that often we feel ashamed or embarrassed about,” Sallie said on behalf of those who participated.

“Calendars will be distributed to 1400 dairy farms in Gippsland where it is hoped that this calendar will serve as a resource for any farmer suffering mental health struggles.

“The calendar will include help numbers to health services available.

“Through speaking to many Gippsland farmers over the past few months, we have found that most dairy farmers don’t know where to get help.”