Humour seals deal

By Dairy News

A COST-EFFECTIVE alternative to a cattle-feeding trough was awarded the Judges’ and People’s Choice awards at the Australian Dairy Conference’s ‘The Pitch’ competition.

The competition, run for the first time in 2018, set out to find the top ideas, innovations, tips, tools, products or services that deliver immediate on-farm impact.

Katunga’s Paul Stammers beat five other entries with his Feed Buddy 200.

“Someone on Twitter called it the Budmaster 200. At this stage I didn’t have a name and I thought it better have one. I changed it, but liked the 200 on the end,” Mr Stammers said.

The feeder holds up to 80 kg worth of feed and is made from three 200 litre drums.

“If you can use a chainsaw or anything that cuts a barrel, it is easy,” Mr Stammers said.

“I’d been meaning to make something out of 200 litre drums as I didn’t want to buy troughs. I wanted something to make it easier, so I looked at the drums to convert them into the Feed Buddy at little cost.”

The invention, which Mr Stammers uses on a pen of five calves at a time, reduces wastage and has improved his herd — apparently.

“Our calves are bigger than that of our dairy friends since we started using it,” he joked. “It only works if it has the Feed Buddy 200 written on it — any other name won’t work.”

Mr Stammers put his competition wins down to the comedy he included in his pitch, with many of the jokes at the expense of the four major milk processors.