ABS unveils new sexed technology

By Dairy News

ABS has launched Sexcel sexed genetics, which utilises new technology.

Sexcel enables farmers to use the same sex technology across ABS’s best genetics and ABS Global Sexed Genetics Brand Manager, Olivier Hiers, said semen is produced through a novel, proprietary technology.

“This innovative technology does not subject the cells to the high pressures, electric currents and shear forces used to produce the sexed semen historically available to farmers,” he said.

Mr Hiers said ABS data showed Sexcel achieves a 90 per cent relative conception rate when compared to conventional semen and a ‘higher relative conception rate’ than other sexed semen used by dairy farmers.

“This data contains real results from real customers and is sourced from more than 37 million cows from herds located in key dairy markets throughout the world.

“We have a unique product, and trial results show it is a very effective sexed offering for our customers.”

Mr Hiers said prior to the launch of Sexcel, competition was restricted in the sexed genetics processing industry.

“Our research has shown that our customers are seeking a stronger line-up of sexed genetics and Sexcel brings that to the marketplace.

“Our technology enables elite heifers to produce the replacement animals farmers want, while also providing farmers a choice of sexed genetics tailored to their specific needs — including calving ease, milk production, feed efficiency, reduction in disease risk or any number of genetic traits.”