Elite genetics under the hammer

By Dairy News

IT IS pretty fair to say the Gordon family was feeling a little apprehensive just minutes before the Gorbro Holsteins Special Invitational Sale at Cohuna. Held in November, this was the first time the family — parents Janette and Ross and brothers Glen and Drew — had held an on-farm sale of their elite genetics, some of which have six generations of Excellent behind them.

In the words of Glen Gordon, the sale could have “gone either way”.

In September, he told Dairy News: “Quite often in Australia you have to go to a complete herd dispersal sale to buy someone’s very best. We decided it was time to put some of our finest under the hammer to give others the opportunity to continue to develop what we consider are some of our premium cow families.”

Fortunately for the family, the sale exceeded all expectations, with the Gorbro cattle averaging $8100 across the 39 lots. The sale average across 53 lots was $7875 with a 100 per cent clearance.

“We are absolutely stoked and the results have just blown us away. It goes to show that quality still sells, even in difficult circumstances,” Mr Gordon said.

“The first four lots grossed $60 000 so that did make it a little easier to part with the cows but we really did sell some of the best genetics in our herd, which is never an easy thing to do.”

Top-priced animal was Lot 19, Gorbro Atwood Shimmer, owned by Gorbro Holsteins and Ben and Wally McInnes. The three-year-old was repurchased by Ben and Wally McInnes in a partnership with Brodie McGillvray from Cohuna for $25 250. Mr McGillivray said not much would be changing for Shimmer as she would continue to be looked after by the Gorbro team.

“We are looking forward to seeing where the future takes us and of course we are hoping to get some good heifer calves on the ground to continue this great cow family,” he said.

Steve and Deanne Hore from Elmar Holsteins at Leitchville sold their three-month-old Elmar Solomon Jessica-ET to Gorbro Holsteins for $18 600. This was the first time a Jessica cow has been sold in 13 years. Mr Hore said he was happy with the result.

“It’s a lot of money to pay for a three-monthold heifer, but we were expecting a price somewhere around that figure,” he said.

“The Gordon boys grew up helping us show her grandmother years ago, so it was fitting she has ended up with them and we couldn’t be happier because we know she will be well looked after.”

Mr Hore said the sale was very well presented and went off without a hitch.

“It was a strong sale and it has created a bit of a buzz in the industry. There are few options out there now for people selling cattle moving forward and I think it has been a great thing for the industry.”

Lawrie Flanagan from Flanagan Marketing Services said he was proud to be involved in the sale of such a quality line-up of cattle.

“It was an amazing day and we are thankful to have been given the opportunity to run the sale; it certainly exceeded our expectations,” Mr Flanagan said.