Supplier reaction after Murray Goulburn AGM

By Stephen Cooke

Lindsay Jarvis, Kiewa Valley

‘“There’s a feeling of sadness as it’s the end of an era. It’s sad but it was inevitable because of previous decisions.

“I presume the board studied all the alternatives and this is the best. It provides some security for the immediate future.”

Ian MacAulay, Yarram

“I was a little surprised today. I had a vain hope we could retain some sort of co-operative but this is the second best scenario.

“It gives us some security for our immediate future.

“It was the last chance we had to be masters of our destiny.”

Tony Barlow, Korumburra

“We’ve supplied Murray Goulburn for seven years so it’s a bit sad. Now we’ll go to where the best price is.

“We came today on a bus with the Murray Goulburn Gippsland suppliers and nobody was expecting this. We thought they may have given us the options at the meeting.

“It’s not ideal but I think it’s the only option.”

Brad Adams, Cobram

‘‘I would have liked some remnants of a co-op left.

‘‘To have this done has been a shock. The directors never came to us and asked what we wanted. They should have said, ‘It’s your company, what do you want to see?’.

‘‘I need to read the finer details but they should have received more money for the assets.’’