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New year will bring new features for 6R Series

By Dairy News

AN UPDATED line of 6R Series tractors is coming to John Deere in 2019, with the line of 82 to 186 kW tractors including 10 models in two- and four-wheel drive configurations with cab.

Three new, optional features that enhance tractor performance and control include the all-new CommandPro control multi-function joystick with IVT transmission (as seen on the 6230R and 6250R), variable ratio steering and a 155 litres/minute hydraulic pump.

Other new features include an engine-oil service door, embedded telematics using JDLink services, and a 4200 Generation 4 CommandCenter display.

CommandPro is a customisable, ergonomic joystick that enables operators to control tractor speed, direction and implement functions from a single control lever.

“These enhancements let the operator spend more time looking out in front of the machine instead of looking down at controls and switches when the tractor is moving,” John Deere product marketing manager Anne Anderson said.

“It’s a more comfortable, less tiring way to control and drive the tractor.”

Configurable buttons enable operators to customise the control to best fit the job or operator preference, which then can be saved as profiles, such as ‘baling’ or ‘mowing’.

To make tight turns easier, John Deere added new variable ratio steering, with steering wheel rotations reduced by a third when travelling at speeds less than 14 km/h.

“With one revolution of the steering wheel, front wheels turn faster and farther. Less steering effort and arm movement are required to turn the machine during loader work or while making a headland turn,” Ms Anderson said.

Variable-ratio steering requires a John Deere AutoTrac ready equipped tractor, and can be activated using the Generation 4 CommandCenter display.

To boost hydraulic pump capability on the 6145R to 6215R, a 155 litre/minute hydraulic pump can be added to increase front-loader cycle times and capacity for implements.

A small door has been added to provide access to the engine-oil service area without opening the tractor hood.

“This may seem like a small detail, but when your tractor is equipped with a front loader and loader hood guard, it’s not always easy to open the hood to perform regular checks,” Ms Anderson said.

The 4200 Generation 4 CommandCenter display, now included in the base equipment package, provides more display surface area for viewing tractor and precision-ag functions and requires fewer button presses to make changes.

Using integrated John Deere technology, customers can track machine location, hours and analyse machine and fuel usage.

“They can set geo-fence and curfew alerts, maintenance tracking and other alerts to keep up to date on the status of machines,” Ms Anderson said.

“The technology also lets customers send set-up, prescription and documentation files to a machine in the field via wireless data transfer.

“Customers get increased up-time with proactive diagnostics. They’re able to make better decisions because they’re getting timely, easily accessible information that reduces the number of trips to the field, which saves them time.”