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Put these mixers to intensive use

By Dairy News

A NEW range of Kuhn Profile twin-auger mixers are designed for intensive use. Capacities range from 18 cubic metres, ideal in tight spaces, to 34 cubic metres for larger scale operations.

The Profile range has a compact design for greater volume, with the shape of the hopper allowing up to four cubic metres more capacity than similar machines of the same height now on sale.

They embody Kuhn’s ‘long life solutions’ to minimise wear and tear from abrasion and acidity, with K-Nox mixing augers as standard. The whole auger is made of K-Nox (3CR12 stainless steel), from the thread to the central shaft, offering superior resistance to friction and the fatty acids contained in some fodders.

A new, standard weighing system is installed on all models in the Profile 2CL range, using four load cells integrated into a cradle, located between the axle and the hopper, with another at the drawbar, to minimise fluctuations and interference. This is said to achieve greater accuracy irrespective of whether you’re using a single axle, a bogie axle or even a bogie steering axle, stationary or in motion.

The as-standard KDW 341 weighing system manages the feed, in ‘simple’ mode for weighing quantities loaded and distributed, or ‘programmable’ mode for detailed nutrition management. Both options allow precise readings to mix large volumes of feed accurately and effectively.

For greater ease of use, you can manage weighing operations from the loading station using the KDR 300 display unit.

On CL models, feed is distributed on the right and left by a cross conveyor. This outlet can be positioned to the front or rear of the machine.

The integrated chassis is oversized to handle the torsion effects caused by the hopper even on rough terrain. And the design ensures the whole unit always has sufficient ground clearance.