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Luna back to scratch

By Dairy News

ANIMAL HUSBANDRY specialist Lely Dairy has introduced the latest version of its Luna Cow brush. Launched a decade ago, the original and enduring concept was that good animal welfare leads to happier, healthier, more productive cows. The Luna brush serves to remove dust and dirt from the animal’s coat and skin, while also stimulating good blood circulation.

In operation, a cow pushes against the brush, that starts rotating in the opposite direction. Offering the ability to revolve in either direction, the dual action is said to protect the bristles and deliver a longer working life. The latest model is said to have updated features that include an even more durable brush element, a new electric motor with a higher IP rating for better protection against water and dust, and a new stand-alone electronic control box.

The company also notes that a new gearbox drive consumes 40 per cent less energy than previous versions, while generating lower levels of heat.