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Agrowplow releases new seed drill

By Dairy News

AGROWPLOW TEAM has worked closely with farmers and contractors from across the country to develop a drill engineered to meet the demands of Australian conditions.

It has released its new AD730 seed drill. Agrowplow principal, Shannon McNab, said the company began work on the new model in late 2017.

“The idea was to develop a machine with a more rugged design and increased accuracy in seed metering for medium and large-scale farms,” Mr McNab said.

Mr McNab said the AD730 has been designed to handle a range of tasks, including sowing cereal crops and establishing and restoring pasture.

“It has the features needed to achieve this and ensure efficient sowing and minimal topsoil disturbance.

“The AD730 has already proven itself in the field, sowing wheat in NSW’s Central West. “Early users have praised its accuracy, durability, and reliability, and are impressed with how easy it is to direct drill into hard dry soils,” he said.

A number of configurations are available for the AD730. It is available in 18- and 22-run versions at 225 mm spacings or with 20, 24 or 28 runs at 175 mm spacings.

It has four tool bars and a robust 100 x 100 x 6 RHS welded frame, which gives the drill the strength to handle Australian conditions while maintaining reliability and productivity.

“The extra-large capacity of the hoppers means you can keep sowing for longer, and the dog clutch system engages when lowered and disengages when raised, so there is one less worry when turning while sowing.”

The AD730 features high flotation tyres, while the 550 mm underframe clearance and heavy-duty spring release tynes provide maximum trash handling capability.

Shaft rotator indicators provide farmers with visual assurance that the seed metering system is functioning, and windows in the front of the seed boxes help ensure simple cleaning and calibration.

Optional features to increase the versatility of the drill include disc undercarriage, small seeds box, coulters, press wheels, spring harrows, rubber tyre rollers and trailing flexi-rollers.

With these options, farmers and contractors can benefit from Agrowplow’s proven track record in developing high quality equipment and ensure the drill performs to meet their specific requirements.

“The predecessor of the new Agrowplow AD730 was the AD720 range, and many of these drills have seen substantial use on countless farms across Australia. Dealers and farmers alike still praise its rugged design and reliable operation.

“With the AD730, Agrowplow has built on this success, offering growers the benefits of the company’s 30 plus years of experience developing products for effective, sustainable agriculture.”