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Disco mowers have all the moves

By Dairy News

NEW CLAAS Disco Move 3600 and 3200 mowers, with mowing widths of 3.4 and 3 m respectively, are designed for 1 m of vertical travel and 30 degrees lateral movement, allowing efficiency and safety in rough paddocks.

And a highly manoeuvrable headstock allows the mower to move independently of the tractor front linkage.

Likely to appeal to contractors, the Move has 600 mm of travel upwards and 400 mm down, making it ideal for uneven fields; and it can pivot up to 30 degrees laterally to better follow contours or swing backwards to avoid obstacles.

The headstock includes several proven features found on existing Disco models, including Active Float integrated hydraulic suspension and the low pivot point from the Profil range.

Active Float eliminates the need for suspension spring coupling points on the tractor and suspension pressure can be adjusted during operation using a single-acting hydraulic service. Coupled directly to the tractor front linkage or by using an a-frame, the front linkage remains fixed during operation, with the mower raised and lowered by integrated hydraulics.

Convenient Kennfixx hydraulic couplings are fitted as standard on the left or right-hand side of the headstock to suit the tractor, and the suspension pressure gauge can be mounted similarly for optimum visibility.

The Disco Move 3600 and 3200 units can be configured as mower only with a tine conditioner, or as a roller conditioner.

The mowers will be available in Australia next year, with prices yet to be determined.