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What to look for in a feed mixer

By Dairy News

UNIFORMLY MIXED feed components provide better nutrition, improved feed efficiency and cost, and the opportunity to reduce wastage.

In dry times, when much of the feed can be purchased off farm with higher costs, efficiency is even more critical.

Shane Ryan, Inlon’s Strautmann Product Manager, says when purchasing a feed mixer, farmers should ensure the model will suit Australian conditions.

“Aussie farmers often paddock feed, yet many mixers are designed for the large European barn-feeding market, which has less need for strong suspension or heavy duty tyres,” he said.

Mr Ryan said the German designed and built Strautmann Verti-Mix has been a proven performer in Australia for more than 28 years.

“Its large tyres and tandem sprung axle system are perfect for Australian paddock conditions,” he said.

Mr Ryan said power requirements and the speed of mixing are key points to consider. “Strautmann’s Vario2 mixing augers achieves more efficient and faster mixing of fodder.

“The unique stepped flight design gives fast low-horsepower mixing, saving both time and money.

“Tests comparing traditional pure smooth spiral augers with the stepped flight auger revealed considerably less power required with the new design. This is due to the steps lifting and loosening the fodder as it mixes.”

Mr Ryan said speed and efficiency are important, but the mixer must also thoroughly mix the components.

From breaking up whole bales and cutting hay and straw, through to incorporating silage, grain, minerals and concentrates, the challenge is to create a uniform feed ration without over processing, he said.

“Naturally, you will want your mixer to have a long operating life.

“The Verti-Mix stainless steel wear strips prevent auger wear that otherwise occurs, while the 8 mm wall thickness gives 2 to 3 times the life of the 5 mm material often found in other brands.

“The 20 mm steel floor is also designed for longer life.

“A robust gearbox gives durability through a large-sized pair of tapered roller bearings, double sealing, a large grease chamber, and oil bath for the planetary reductions, thus extending the maintenance intervals.”

Mr Ryan said the Verti-Mix provideds flexibility.

“With the patented knife system, Verti-Mix options include multiple knife configurations, blade angle, two knife sizes and bale-cutter mounts.

“The Vario2 auger can be adapted to your requirements, whether predominantly straw and hay bales, silage or high grain mixes.”

Strautmann has a range of discharge door and conveyor options. The standard 1.24 metre side conveyor can discharge into feed troughs or feed rings or onto the floor.

The Australian developed 3.5 metre long conveyor is designed to fill self-feeding field bins.

With sizes from 10.5m3 to 45m3, in single, twin and triple auger configurations, there is a Strautmann suitable for all applications, Mr Ryan said.

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• This article was supplied by Inlon.