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Semi-trash pumps ideal for dairy

By Dairy News

AUSTRALIAN PUMP Industries has launched a range of 3” high pressure semi-trash pumps that can provide both high pressure and the ability to handle large volumes of contaminated water.

Their G3TMK model delivers flows of up to 1100 litres per minute (lpm) and heads as high as 54 metres. The pumps self-prime from depths as low as 6 metres.

Aussie Pumps’ Neil Bennet said he has spoken to some dairy farmers who seem reconciled to having to replace pumps on a regular basis.

“That is generally because the pumps they are using are either too small or can’t handle the solids handling requirements of the job,” he said.

“Aussie GMP XRA series are ideal for this application because of their robust construction, integrated features, self-priming and trash handling, and solid cast iron construction”, he said.

The Aussie semi-trash pumps are designed with big open impellers and are made from heavy duty cast iron, with a 316 stainless steel option.

A non-clog style impeller means that passing of compressible solids is easy, Mr Bennet said.

“The front mounted clean out port means clearing clogs without having to undo pipework or hoses.” The big 3”pumps come with silicone carbide mechanical seals with alumina counterface and nitrile rubber seals as standard. A tungsten carbide Viton is also available.

All pumps feature a 316 stainless steel motor shaft and a stainless steel wear plate fitted to protect from erosion or body wear. The big pumps start with 3”port units of 4 kW and go all the way up to 15 kW 4” versions. They will handle up to 2300 lpm and can produce heads of up to 30 metres, around 50 psi.

All pumps are made to ISO 9001 quality standards.

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• This article was supplied by Aussie Pumps.