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New ‘super’ sprayer released

By Dairy News

THE AMAZONE UX01 Super series of trailed sprayers boasts a new operating concept and innovative boom guidance systems for greater precision, capacity and comfort.

Initially offered with tank volumes of 6200, 5200 or 4200L and Super-L2 booms from 27 to 40m, all models have an enclosed underbelly that allows the machine to pass smoothly over plants.

Beneath the left-hand cover on the machine’s flank, the SmartCenter hosts the operator station, induction bowl, fill ports and two dustproof storage compartments. Under the right-hand cover is an additional 240L lockable storage compartment with a removable shelf. Both covers swing upwards to allow easy filling and operation and can be optioned with an LED lighting package for easy operation at night.

All machine operations are controlled using a seven-way pressure tap, allowing each function to be easily selected without having to open or close separate circuits. Once the desired function is selected, the relevant valve for the corresponding circuit opens, so the fresh water rinse tank can be topped up while the sprayer is being filled.

A conical-shaped 60L induction bowl located directly under the control valves has a centralised aperture and 200 L/minute suction capacity to ensure quick, trouble-free filling and complete emptying.

An additional mixing nozzle positioned underneath the suction aperture prevents blockages when inducting powders or granular products.

The intensity of the mixing nozzle and rinse ring can be adjusted, and the induction bowl can be supplied with fresh water via the optional rinse water pump when pressure filling from a bowser.

A new canister cleaning nozzle, positioned at the right-hand side of the bowl, is activated by downwards pressure, and a second smaller contact area allows effective cleaning of the canister neck; with the lid closed this cleans the induction bowl completely.

The sealed lid of the induction bowl swivels to the side 180 degrees, allowing it to act as a shelf when it is opened and to hold a measuring jug; two run-off channels allow canisters to be drained after rinsing.

The UX01 can also be equipped with the optional Comfort-Pack plus terminal, which provides automatic control of agitation intensity, fill stop function, boom rinsing, line cleaning, tank cleaning and tank-mix dilution. The touchscreen display allows easy control of all functions even when using gloves; the operator selects the desired function and the sprayer then adjusts itself automatically.

During filling the operator just couples the fill-hose and the machine will automatically fill the spray tank and fresh water rinse tank up to the desired levels.

The UX01 can also be specified with an optional steering axle whose maximum steering angle of 28 degrees achieves a minimum turning radius of 4.5 m.

All booms can be controlled using the electro-hydraulic Profi-folding system with the automatic DistanceControl or DistanceControl Plus or the new ContourControl vertical boom movement and SwingStop yaw prevention systems.

Also, the Super-L2 booms, when used with ContourControl boom control, have the new Flex-fold system for rapid folding.