From the Experts

Strategic plan sets priorities

By Dairy News

It was great to hear that many of our farmers have read the first edition of the regional Dairy News Australia and enjoyed the stories within. At WestVic Dairy, many exciting things have happened over the past few months.

In September, we held our AGM and as a board we launched our new strategic plan for the next three years. Our four strategic priority areas will be:

Profitable dairy farms: Supporting our farm businesses to be productive, sustainable and profitable.

Capable industry people: Supporting farm businesses in the recruitment, retention and transitioning of personnel and in their training and skill development.

Two-way communication and engagement: Open interaction with farmers and other stakeholders in outward communication and encouraging and responding to feedback.

Promoting a trusted and valuable industry: Contribute to an improved awareness by others of the value of our industry through collaboration, leadership and social responsibility.

As we all try to move forward with a better season and milk price, it’s important to the WestVic Dairy Board that our farmers have all the information they need to make good business decisions.

At our AGM, we welcomed three new directors and one associate director to our board — Rhonda Henry in the non-farmer director role and Jacqueline Suares and Matthew Glennen as farmer directors. Jessica Howe has joined us in an associate board director role.

They all bring varying skill sets, as well as plenty of enthusiasm and passion.

I’m sure you will get a chance to meet them at our many extension activities and meetings throughout the year.

Silage season is nearly upon us — if it has not already started for many.

It is indeed my least favourite time of the year, as it sends my hayfever crazy!

I leave the tractor work to my better half but am an expert in ferrying food and drink all over the farm at any time of the day or night.

Happy harvest everyone.

• Simone Renyard, WestVic Dairy chair