Dairy News

Chinese sailors snap up Aussie milk while in port

By Geoff Adams

What do you buy if you are a Chinese sailor visiting an Australian port?

Powdered milk of course.

Chinese warships spent about five days in Sydney Harbour last week and the sailors enjoyed some shore leave when they could head-out and snap-up some foreign treats.

Including valuable infant milk forumula,.

An Australian newspaper photographer snapped the sailors unloading A2 and Devondale products from a van on the wharf.

The published story, seen as a curiosity by Australian readers, has, however, annoyed some of the Chinese media, who have complained about generating 'hype'. 

According to a report on Sunday night in the Global Times, more than 50 tins of infant milk powder were bought on-board by “some sailors in need”, citing an anonymous source, and it accused Australian media of “hyping” and “over-analysis” designed to mislead public,'

Australian stores have experienced high demand for infant milk formula, which is highly valued by middle class Chinese.

Targeted buying by Australian consumers, who have shipped the powder overseas, has led to some supermarket chains imposing rationing.