Dairy News

New milk process promises extended life

By Geoff Adams

An Australian company has developed a technology for processing milk which it says will allow fresh milk to be refrigerated for up to 60 days.

The development could be a major game changer for exporters which would be able to ship fresh milk overseas.

The Naturo company, based in Coolum, Queensland, claims to have developed a process which is the most significant since pasteurisation was developed in the 19th Century.

Pasteurisation is a heat treatment which extends the life of fresh milk.

The company also says the new process destroys a bacteria which can cause illness in humans.

Naturo is seeking investment in a new plant that will be capable of producing 10 million litres of milk annually.

Naturo CEO, Jeff Hastings is the inventor of the technology, says the milk tastes better and lasts longer.

"The primary difference between our milk and pasteurised milk is the fact that we don't 'cook' the milk to make it safe for human consumption.

Mr Hastings, an agricultural engineer,  has developed processes for other food products including apples and avocadoes

Naturo has received $250,000 funding from the Queensland government to develop the technology.

Dairy Food Safety Victoria has stated it has reviewed the data provided on the process and as a result of the review the process may be used an an alternative treatment to pasteurisation for raw milk.