Encouraged to stay by ACM

By Country News

A Kotupna organic dairy farmer nearly gave up dairying altogether after the milk price crash but a knock on the door from ACM changed all that.

Colin Spencer, who spoke to Country News at Murray Dairy’s Advancing your Autumn workshop, said there was more incentive with ACM compared to when he was supplying Murray Goulburn.

‘‘I’ve been organic farming for 30 years but there was no incentive with Murray Goulburn,’’ he said.

‘‘After the downturn, I was thinking of getting out of the dairy altogether.

‘‘Then ACM approached us to supply organic.

‘‘We’re getting a far better price (from ACM).’’

Mr Spencer said he was looking forward to the season coming as he looked to increase his herd after such a tough period.

‘‘It’s gearing up to be a good season ahead if it rains,’’ he said.

‘‘We had 200 cows with Murray Goulburn and sold 80 (after the price crash).

‘‘Now we are looking to ramp it (herd numbers) back up again.’’