Seminars cover complete approach to business - Thursday, January 23

By Dairy News

9.30 PM

Improve Dairy Farming Efficiency and Productivity through LED technology — Presented by Sonaray

This seminar focuses on how the latest LED technology can help farmers to reduce installation, operational and maintenance cost as well as improving the well-being of cattle for increase productivity. This seminar will examine the view point of an actual dairy farmer on how the LED has improved his operation; a lighting engineer will present how LED technology works, what are the pitfalls and essentials you must know before deciding and the electrician’s view on installation, lighting plans and simulations.

A SEMINAR for the farmers who want to know how the latest technology will help.

10.45 PM

Helping dairying into the future –through value adding your calves — Presented by Dairy Beef Alliance (DBA)

This presentation, hosted by DBA General Manager Peter Wilkinson, will focus on how dairy farmers can value add their existing operations by joining their Holstein Cows to Wagyu. DBA have been producing Holstein/Wagyu Cross (F1) beef for over 15 years. They are the livestock production arm of meat company Security Foods Pty Ltd. Peter has been working for DBA since the inception of the business in 2001. He has an extensive knowledge of the calf rearing and dairy beef industry, prior to becoming the manager of DBA he was the treasurer of the Australian Limousin Society. Peter encourages producers to ask a lot of questions in this presentation to find out what options DBA could offer their enterprise.


Maintaining Our Social Licence to Operate — Presented by Murray Dairy

WHAT IS a social licence and why is it important for dairy farmers? While it is natural to focus within our own industry, the reality is that we operate within the wider Australian community and community and consumer perceptions matter. From health and nutrition to animal welfare and environmental sustainability, the political and regulatory environment we operate in — not to mention the market for our dairy products — are all affected by the public’s trust in dairy.

BUT HOW important is this? Which issues really matter? And what can we actually do about it? Kira Goodall is Issues Management and Government Relations Manager at Dairy Australia. She will be discussing Dairy Australia’s work on understanding consumer perception in relation to social licence issues and how we can be proactive in addressing risks to our social licence to operate.

IDW SEMINARS will be held at the Tatura Tennis Clubrooms, Albert Street, Tatura (just over the road from IDW). This information has been provided by the IDW committee.