Seminars cover complete approach to business - Wednesday, January 24

By Dairy News

9.30 AM

A new era in sexed genetics and breakthrough in sexing technology — Presented by ABS SEXCEL

Sexcel harnesses ABS’s best genetics and is produced through a novel, proprietary technology for sexing bovine semen. This innovative technology does not subject the cells to the high pressures, electric currents and shear forces used to produce the sexed semen historically available to farmers. The result is a superior sexed genetics product that helps customers maximize their profitability in line with their individual economic and herd goals.

DATA FROM ABS Global’s Real World Data® (RWD™) database demonstrates that Sexcel achieves a 90 percent relative conception rate when compared to conventional semen and a higher relative conception rate than other sexed semen used by dairy farmers. RWD contains real results from real customers and is sourced from more than 37 million cows from herds located in key dairy markets throughout the world.

10.45 AM

What the MUC — Presented by MaxCare

This presentation will centre on assisting farmers to move towards highly efficient calf rearing systems. It will include practical tips which can be implemented the next day, along with some interesting case studies from Matthew Petersen’s time in the industry. Matthew has worked in the local dairy industry in Southern NSW for 6 years. He regularly consults to the local dairy region on all aspects of calf health. His focus has centred on peri-calving care, colostrum management, hygiene and infrastructure, calf behaviour, nutrition and staff training. Matthew is proud to work with many farms in the area who continue to exceed industry animal health benchmarks with efficient calf rearing systems.


Why not to crossbreed — Presented by Holstein USA

Carl Kent, International Marketing Co-ordinator with Holstein USA, will show participants the tremendous genetic gains Holsteins have achieved and the data and reasons why farmers should continue to breed Holsteins without venturing into a crossbreeding program. This presentation was originally presented by Dr Tom Lawlor HAUSA Research Geneticist. Carl travels extensively promoting registered Holsteins and has also spent the last 12 years in the Genetics Division for Genex/CRI.

1.15 PM

Achievable and profitable cow housing — making it work for Australian conditions — Presented by Daviesway

With over 50 years’ experience in the dairy industry, Philip Schultz will share his insights on avoiding the pitfalls of cow housing here in Australia and how, through better planning, design and staged construction, a housing cow system can be an achievable and profitable goal for your business.

2.30 PM

Bobby Calves — Industry Opportunity or Threat? — Presented by Murray Dairy

Explore how other countries are turning an industry threat into an opportunity by improving supply chain integrity. Join us and explore dairy and beef rearing systems contexted to consumer product and perceptions in different markets around the world. Peter Havrlant, Development Officer, Dairy at NSW DPI was awarded the Jack Green Churchill Fellowship in 2016. He will provide insights from his recent travel to the USA, UK and EU and work with NSW DPI.