Two new tools to rejuvenate pasture

By Dairy News

Duncan Ag has introduced two new machines from Ireland that can be used to rejuvenate pasture and aerate their soils — the Alstrong Auctus overseeder and Alstrong Aerator.

Duncan Ag chief executive Craig McIsaac says the 3m-wide Alstrong Auctus pasture rejuvenator has a unique design that allows it to carry out several operations in one pass. It can be used in sprayed out pasture or cultivated ground.

It has 10 individually sprung levelling boards that scarify and scratch the surface to remove dead grass, expose the soil and create a shallow seed bed.

The levelling boards are followed by a heavy duty roller drum with teeth that break up surface pugging and allow air and water to enter the surface layer of the soil. An air seeder broadcasts the seed behind the roller using splash plates.

Behind the seeding zone the Auctus can be specified with grass harrow finger tines or heavy duty prismatic rings that set the seed in the soil. A shield over the roller stops soil from the rollers getting into the seeding area.

The Auctus has a strong structural steel frame and weighs 4.5 tonne, which can be increased to 5.2 tonne with water ballast.

It is a trailed machine that follows uneven contours and the 15 mm blades on the roller drum are made of hardened steel.

The Auctus comes standard with a French-made Delimbe air seeder or Duncan Ag can fit it with an APV seeding unit.

Alstrong Aerators are also heavy duty machines. They are based on a large drum with 15 cm blades that can break up soil pans and shatter the soil structure to a depth of 30 cm when used in dry conditions at the correct speed.

In pasture it does its job without disrupting the grazing system.

The blades are set almost perpendicular to the direction of travel but at a slight angle, which adds a twisting motion that helps break soil pans.

The weight of the roller is concentrated on each blade as it enters the soil, and the fast working speeds (up to 20 km/hour) also help shock and fracture the soil.

The aerators come in three different versions: trailed models are 2.5 m wide or 3 m wide and the three point linkage model is 3 m wide.

The 3 m models weigh 4 tonnes dry and 6 tonnes with water ballast while the 2.5 m model weighs 3.5 tonnes dry and 5.5 tonnes with water ballast.

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