Analyse your legume content

By Dairy News

Agronomist Andrew Harborne has advised farmers to analyse the legume content of pasture with their end goal in mind.

Mr Harborne, the southern NSW area manager for Upper Murray Seeds (UMS), says a 30 per cent clover content will provide atmospheric nitrogen and drive feed quality.

Having the right amount of legume content (ie clover/grass ratio) improves pasture quality and utilises dry matter, he said.

Mr Harborne said Upper Murray Seeds’ flagship Atomic annual rye-grass outperformed 10 other varieties in an independent trial concluded in September 2016 where Atomic produced 9216 kg DM/ha.

(The side-by-side rye-grass variety trial was conducted by BGA Agriservices, April-September 2016, Casino NSW.)

“Atomic’s abundant biomass production reduces the cost per kg/DM, and increases the capital gross return from milk making the annual tetraploid a real winner in terms of boosting profitability,” he said.

“Other premium products to help grow a dairy farming business include high performing seed blends, or mixes, designed to suit a particular enterprise, but with the help of a skilled agronomist a blend can be fine-tuned precisely according to your needs.”

Mr Harborne said investing in the best pasture choice possible will pay dividends in the long-term.