Queensland Government funds Fair Milk logo pilot scheme

By Dairy News

The Queensland dairy industry has received $550 000 from the State Government to produce a ‘Fair Milk logo’ pilot scheme.

The money is part of a funding package of $960 000 for marketing strategies to help consumers make better-informed decisions when they buy milk.

Queensland Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne said the funding package would “assist farmers and small local milk processors to improve their marketing and labelling campaigns.”

“While the Queensland Government is not in a position to set fair milk prices, it is important for consumers to understand where their money is going and how it will support local dairy farmers,” he said.

The $550 000 will be provided to the Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation over three years to design and implement the pilot scheme.

The funding came after the initial ‘Fair Milk Logo’ Bill moved by the Katter Australia Party (KAP) failed to pass through parliament.

QDO President Brian Tessmann said that while the QDO would have preferred the original Bill moved by the KAP to pass through parliament into legislation, the funding would “go a long way in helping industry develop its own logo”.

“The voluntary ‘Fair Milk Logo’ that will be developed by QDO will be used to help consumers play their part in helping Queensland farmers as they continue to struggle under the impacts of unsustainable $1 litre milk.

“People have consistently asked what milk they should buy to support our local dairy farmers. While QDO encourages them to buy branded milk, the ‘Fair Milk Logo’ will be a clear indicator right on the bottle.

“The real challenge starts now for QDO to work constructively with our farmer members and the processors to make this ‘Fair Milk Logo’ a reality.

QDO ran an ‘I Buy Branded Milk’ campaign, which Mr Tessmann was well supported by Queensland consumers.

A further $290 000 in funding was allocated to the Office of Small Business to assist small processors and farmers diversify their product range, and better develop their markets with improved branding and marketing.

It has been tasked with developing tailored mentoring support services and workshops in conjunction with key stakeholders, and expand the Government’s Go Local campaign, to support Queensland businesses in the dairy industry and complement the ‘Fair Milk Logo’ scheme.