Rob Bonanno

Shepparton vet Rob Bonanno recently attended the World Buiatrics Congress in Cairns, a gathering of nearly 1000 cattle vets and animal scientists where attendees were updated on all things related to cattle.

The successful rearing of calves  is an area where your veterinarian should be one of the key members of your team, yet often we are called in, like the fire engine, to put out blazing problems when the losses reach some critical (yet often entirely random) threshold, writes Rob Bonanno.

Veterinary columnist Rob Bonanno wrote this month’s article from the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW. I have just spent a couple of days touring the manufacturing facilities of Jurox, one of the only manufacturers of animal drugs left in Australia.

In July 2012 the McDowall family farm at Childer’s Cove in south-west Victoria had a calf mortality rate approaching 30% and surviving calves were being treated for illness. Calf rearing had been a problem on the farm for many years, but it was getting worse and with a need to…

In my part of the world, the Autumn calving cows are either already in the dry paddock, or just about to go out, writes Shepparton-based vet Rob Bonanno. I had a farmer ask me the other day about at what level of losses should you be worried about cows aborting?…

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